Solar Panel Kits

No Power! No Problem!

Emergency Back-up / Security Lighting

SPJ is proud to introduce the first of its kind "Solar Kit".  The "PANEL" is 13-5/8"W x 20-1/2"L and is your photo cell. 

Up to 30 Watts of "FREE" Power Dusk to Dawn in Zone 5 using our Forever Bright LED technology! 

Dusk to Dawn operation using our Forever Bright LED Technology. Use any combination of lights you desire!

Maximum run of 50' in either direction using 16-2 direct burial cable. 1W, 2W, 3W, 6W & 8W engines will operate nightly for the unmatched lighting effect desired!

Running power is no longer a problem!

Ideal for path lights, directional lights and step lights.

  • 5 year warranty - Immediate ROI / Savings

  • Monocrystalline battery type lithium-ion 2200 Mah at 14.4 volts

SPJ Lighting is proud to introduce: “Off The Grid” Solar Panel Kits!  Features include an unprecedented 24 watt capacity with 12v DC Output, built in PHOTO-CELL with Dusk to Dawn Operation, reliable weather proof power source, and digital display.  Calculations are based on 50’ runs using 12-2 Cable.  Made in USA, our FOREVER BRIGHT LED Engines, combine high lumen output of 90+ CRI & 2700K Color temperature. Our LEDS use the highest quality Nichia diodes and operate at incredibly high efficacy levels.


The time is now! The innovation has arrived! Real Power with perfected Lumen delivery!


Our wattage output is based on cloud cover, sunlight & geographical location. Zone 3 is a foundation to work from. Output would be 6 watts in Zone 3 and we could operate (6) Mr. Universe 1W fixtures in Zone 3.  


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