Solar Zones

Our wattage output is based on cloud cover & sunlight. Zone 3 is a foundation to work from. Output would be 6 watts in Zone 3 and we could operate (6) Mr. Universe 1W fixtures in Zone 3. If you are operating in Zone 5 you have 10 watts available and can be flexible with fixtures.


Our kits are designed for three-day autonomy. In order to do this, we design for the amount of hours of peak sunlight a certain region gets in a day. Use the map on the right to determine which zone you are in, and include that information in the contact form below. If you are not sure which zone you are in, we can help you figure that out.


Zone 5
10-20 Watts
Zone 4 8-16 Watts
Zone 3 6-12 Watts
Zone 2 4-8 Watts
Zone 1 2-4 Watts

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