How SPJ Lighting started

In 1992, Paul Lestz opened a small distribution company selling rock-shaped speakers for backyard entertainment systems.  After achieving some success in this venture, Paul started getting requests from his customers to supply landscape lighting fixtures, as well. Eager to expand his business and accommodate his clients, he took the opportunity and soon became the top selling distributor for a local manufacturer of brass and copper outdoor lighting fixtures.

Though the expansion was successful, Paul soon faced new challenges; customer service and quality were lacking from his suppliers. Paul's customers, mainly contractors and builders with everyday hands-on experience, offered suggestions for improvement of the products. Paul took these ideas, along with a few of his own, back to his manufacturers to try and build better products, as well as thoughts on how to improve customer service in order to keep promises and meet deadlines, but to no avail.

Taking matters into his own hands

It was at this point in 1998 that Paul decided he could do better if he built the products himself, and SPJ Lighting, Inc. was born. Custom fabrication became a standard at SPJ Lighting. With our mottos, "You draw it, we'll build it," and "Let your imagination become a reality," architects and designers enjoyed the benefits of turning each job into a one-of-a-kind signature project. Aerospace specifications were never Paul's approach; he preferred to use the same specifications used by Picasso, Monet, and Van Gough.

The lights

All outdoor lighting fixtures out of the SPJ Lighting catalog are both sturdy and artistic, made from solid brass and copper, a winning combination giving SPJ and Paul Lestz a reputation as the leader in the industry.

Chemical finishes, such as our classic "Matte Bronze" and "Rusty" have changed the landscape lighting world forever and are the envy of our competitors (who have been trying for years to duplicate our signature finishes). Our finishes are guaranteed for life never to peel or flake.

Going green

Nearly 20 years later, Paul's product line continues to lead the industry with state-of-the-art Forever Bright LED technology matched with our "Old World" craftsmanship. While others were reluctant to move ahead with LED lamping, Paul again jumped in with both feet and now has more than 5 years experience working with and working out the kinks of LED technology. Our competition is just now getting started. SPJ's Forever Bright systems offer warm color, reliability, and versatile LED options for every fixture in our catalog. Always looking to the future, Forever Bright technology now includes "Smart Systems" such as low voltage motion detection and emergency battery back-up products.

Our team

Vice-president Bob Klaidman is a 20-year veteran in the landscape lighting field and has been working with Paul since 2001. His team includes many committed employees. Marc Shapiro and Lizzy Gutierrez, our National Sales Manager, run our Operations and Customer Service departments with customer satisfaction as agenda #1 365 days a year.
Chris Gonzales is the Tuscan Iron Works Sales Manager and he also our “Applications” expert in the Gas Light and Chimney Cap divisions.
In addition, all of our production staff have helped SPJ establish its place as the leading outdoor lighting manufacturer in America!  

Contact Us

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