Precise Reliability & Control

Smart. Simple. Superior.

Because FLEX-LINK devices use a bluetooth connection they require no special transformer to operate.  This means that you can add FLEX-LINK products to any existing system.  Install FLEX-LINK EXTENDERS in strategic locations to insure communication range.  EXTENDERS tie into the low voltage system and just require 12 volts.  Built in back-up battery is constantly being recharged to maintain programing in case of power interruption.



Flex-Link™ Transformers/Accessories


Flex-Link™ App


Flex-Link™ User Manual


Fixture compatibility is very "Flexible".

Please contact customer service to insure desired fixture can be controlled by our State of Art Technology!

The product is Smart.

SPJ Lighting’s FLEX-LINK allows full control of landscape lighting using our one-of-a-kind Bluetooth mesh technology via smart phone or tablet. Simply install any FLEX-LINK fixture to any landscape lighting system, download the App, and you are ready to go!


FLEX-LINK technology enables customers to scene-set their yard to match their schedule seamlessly. In a case of power outage, FLEX- LINK retains the memory of the customer-chosen settings in the battery back up FLEX-LINK EXTENDER— no reprogramming necessary! No more going back to a job site to re-set the mechanical timer.  


Installation is Simple.

FLEX-LINK can be installed with all SPJ LIGHTING products. New systems or UPGRADE existing systems.  It’s as simple as installing an individual FLEX-POINT SPIKE to each fixture or a FLEX-POINT HUB to 50W groups of lights.  Our state of the art technology can control an unlimited amount of landscape fixtures.


The engineering is Superior.

Voltage: 12-15V AC

Max Fixtures: Unlimited

Communication Standard: Bluetooth.

iPhone or Android Smartphone/Tablet Programming:

On/Off capabilities

Astronomical Timing of Individual or groups.




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