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The product is Smart.

SPJ Lighting’s FLEX-LINK allows full control of landscape lighting Using our one-of-a-kind Bluetooth mesh technology via smart phone or tablet.  Simply add our FLEX-POINT SPIKE or FLEX-POINT HUB to any landscape lighting system, download the App, and you are ready to go!


FLEX-LINK technology enables customers to scene-set their yard to match their schedule seamlessly. In a case of power outage, FLEX-LINK retains the memory of the customer-chosen settings on the “CLOUD”- no reprogramming necessary!  Because it is a cloud based system, the installer can simply login to the customer’s account and control the system from anywhere in the world if needed.   No more going back to a job site to re-set the mechanical timer.      


Installation is Simple.

FLEX-LINK can be installed with all SPJ LIGHTING products. New systems or UPGRADE existing systems.  It’s as simple as installing an individual FLEX-POINT SPIKE to each fixture or a FLEX-POINT HUB to 50W groups of lights.  Our state of the art technology can control an unlimited amount of landscape fixtures.


The engineering is Superior.

Voltage: 12-15V AC

Max Fixtures: Unlimited

Communication Standard: Bluetooth / WI-FI with Bridge

Controller: iPhone or Android Smartphone/Tablet

Programming: On/Off capabilities up to 7 times a day-

Astronomical Timing of Individual or groups.

Protection: IP67

 Flex-Point Spike
Flex-Point Hub

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