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cordless, rechargeable battery
Portable rechargeable patio deck lights are the perfect solution to enhance
the ambiance of your outdoor oasis while adding convenience and sustainability
to your lighting setup.

portable, patio, indoor/outdoor deck lights

Illuminate Your Outdoor Oasis with Portable Rechargeable Patio Deck Lights

Adding Patio Deck Lighting to Elevate Your Outdoor Space

Your outdoor space is an extension of your home, a canvas waiting to be transformed into a beautiful and inviting oasis. One of the most effective ways to enhance its appeal and functionality is by adding patio deck lighting. Lighting isn't just a practical addition; it's an art form that can completely change the mood and atmosphere of your outdoor haven.

Portable Patio/Deck Light
Black with Faux Acrylic
Battery 12V/120V
Black finish with Onyx
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Adjustable Umbrella Light

  • Adjustable Post Strap
  • Fastening Grip
  • (3) SPJ-FB-1WP Engine

No Wiring Needed

Say goodbye to the hassle of installing complicated wiring for traditional outdoor lighting. Portable rechargeable patio deck lights are battery-powered, making installation a breeze. Simply charge them and place them wherever you desire.


10 Port Charger


Single Port Charger


2 Watts. IP67 Rating