Flex-Link Demo & Display Kits

Custom Made Flex-Link™ Displays

    Control the lights using your Android or Apple smart device.
Fully demonstrate the system's capabilities on the spot.

Our portable demo kit allows you to experience our innovative system anywhere!
Effortlessly position your fixture in any location, with NO WIRES! (Rechargeable Battery Operated Flex-Link)


  • RGBW Rechargeable Battery Operated Demo Unit

  • RGBW Demo Unit, Cord & Plug w/Flex-Link™ Remote

  • Fully functional with Flex-Link™ & Flex-Link™ APP

    RGBW Rechargeable Battery Operated

    Alpha 12 RGBW Rechargeable Battery Operated


    RGBW Demo w/Cord & Plug

    SPJ Lighting will custom build a demo kit with the fixtures and
    LEDs of your choice. Contact us for more details.

    SPJ-FL6 Display