Directional & Wall Washers

Made in The USA, SPJ Lighting Inc offers 90 plus CRI from 145 lumen output to 48” 220O lumen optuons and all wattages in between! Washing, shrubs, palms, walls,hedges and sign lighting. Providing 12v, 120v with all types of dimming and color temperatures our “Wash Lights” provide an even spread of superior light over an area in the landcsape. Solid brass & Copper along with our chemically etched finishes withstand the test of time and our integrated quick connect provides versatile options to provide the right amount of light to any landscape setting.


Another Innovation!
Mr. Universatility
1 Fixture 4 Lumen Outputs!

At SPJ LIGHTING, INC the innovation continues…

When lighting designers talk, we here at SPJ LISTEN! What is CRI and why is it important? The CRI value of a lamp is a metric between 0 and 100 which indicates how accurate the light source displays the colors of an object. This is also referred to as 'Color Accuracy'. The higher the CRI of an LED, the more natural a color will look in this light. LEDS with a CRI rating higher than 90 are known as "High CRI Lighting”. Today we announce that we are moving to 90 + CRI for all SPJ Lighting products. 90+ means that the minimum will be 90 CRI with an average of 93 CRI. Go check our competitors and you will find 80 CRI to be the standard in the industry! 90 CRI will make you landscape lighting projects “POP”! Your competitors won’t know why your projects look better than theirs! You asked for it, we listened! 

The industries first integrated LED module that is field interchangeable